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Classical homeopathy follows the teachings of Dr. Hahnemann who maintained that only one remedy should be given at a time to the patient, the remedy that has the greatest similarity to the presenting symptoms. This process of determining the correct remedy is very complex and requires much research by the practitioner. When the matching remedy is found the therapeutic results are significant and amazing.

Homeopathy can treat all acute diseases as well as chronic, degenerative conditions with the best success occurring when treatment begins during the early stages. The remedy acts to strengthen and boost the immune system. There are no side effects and the remedies, being highly diluted and potentized, are completely safe. Evaluating an exact level for good health is complicated and personalized. Much depends on the parameters and predispositions of the individual, but it can be said that in general a person is in good health when there is quality of life with construction and creativity.

Evaluating Levels of Health. As a homeopath, it is important to understand and evaluate what exactly is going on in the body in order to prescribe well for a complete cure. It is the innate ability for our bodies to heal themselves, but sometimes the vital force has been weakened to such an extent that outside help is needed, and homeopathy gives it the boost it needs. Through life, a person has internal and external stressors that drain the immune system, and if suppressed too long, the body cannot regain its natural balance and thus deeper and more chronic illnesses develop. With a detailed evaluation of a person’s health history, I can better understand what is going on with them. It is not always just a physical, or emotional, or mental situation; it usually is all of these in some combination that is out of balance. There are of course, some situations that have caused such degeneration in the organism that homeopathic medicine cannot help.

"The highest ideal of therapy is to restore health rapidly, gently, permanently; to remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way, according to clearly comprehensible principles". -- Samuel Hahnemann, (1755-1844), Founder of Homeopathy


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